Plumbing & Sanitary Contracting:

We repair various plumbing fixtures, detect pipe leaks, unblock drainage systems and can generally figure out why your shower is too hot or too cold. We also conduct thermostatic mixing valve tests and produce accurate results. Focus Star Plumbing Service can also help you test the portability of your tap water, repair faulty backflow systems, or install new equipment to improve the quality of your water.

Our services are Tape repairs, Toilet repairs, Burst Pipes, Hot water system installations (Electric, Gas and Heat-pump), Blocked drains (Hydro water pressure jet drain cleaning)

Sanitation systems are often forgotten components of a domestic plumbing system, yet they are vital to ensure that we have a clean and safe environment to live in. Generally, the most contact we have with a sanitation system is pulling out a plug in a wash hand basin or flushing a WC. Luckily, most systems are well designed and simple in their application, meaning that very little can go wrong, however, occasionally problems can occur. This fact sheet has been designed to help you deal with small routine tasks that can keep your system running smoothly.